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Two interesting autistic artists

Christopher Knowles, American poet.

Christopher Knowles (born 1954) is a U.S. poet who has autism. In 1973, his poetry was discovered by Robert Wilson and used for the avant-garde minimalist Philip Glass opera Einstein on the Beach. At that time, Knowles was 19 and attending a special school in upstate New York.

Gary Numan, 80's electropop musician.

It was suggested I had it when I was younger but no one knew much about it then. I've read a lot about it since and I fulfil some of the diagnostic criteria but not others. I probably have a mild form...for example, if people came over for dinner and I saw a magazine I hadn't read, I'd pick it up, sit in the corner and read it - which I now know is wrong...I have an obsessive focus when it comes to pushing forward with my music. I don't get crushed by disappointment. I don't do this for the acclaim, luckily...because of Asperger I see the world as a hostile feeds into my style of songwriting completely."[1]
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