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Aquamarine Blue 5

Something cool I read about on the wikipedia entry for autistic culture:

Aquamarine Blue 5 (ISBN 0-80401-054-4) is a collection of essays by autistic college students, edited by Dawn Prince-Hughes. The students come from a variety of backgrounds. Most were not diagnosed autistic as children and have worked out their own ways to live in a society that seems very alien to them. The essays describe the advantages and disadvantages of autism to a person trying to succeed at university, and how outsiders can misinterpret a simple autistic preference as a mental disease.

One girl, for example, reported the not uncommon autistic experience of having to eat only two or three food items and ordering the same thing every day; anything else made her vomit. She was mistaken by friends and university staff as having an eating disorder. Dr. Prince-Hughes tells her own story in Songs of the Gorilla Nation (ISBN 1-40005-058-8).

I'd like to check out this book, I can think of several people from my own college days who I'd suspect were Asperger's/autistic and quite successful.
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